Finally, after all the extensive screening and interview appointments, you already found a rightful candidate to manage your company’s upcoming anniversary party—your chosen anniversary event organizer.

Do you want to know the expected responsibilities that your hired event organizer must deliver? Well, I go here an anniversary event checklist of important things that your event management planner should do and they could be done in 6 easy steps.

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Here they are for your convenience:

  1. Hold a meeting with your company’s financial budgeting department or whoever is the person in-charge of the overall management of your available funds, so that he/she can get information on how much is allocated for this kind of event. In most cases, your hired event management company organizer works closely with your accounting team to create a realizable costing plan and avoid misuse of funds.
  2. Estimate the number of attendees who will come. At this stage, your event planning company should already have a clear vision on what type of guests will arrive during the party, whether they belong to the top-performing companies, media representatives, investors, valued clients, new prospects as well as your own people. The overall theme of the anniversary party should already be finalized, either it is a formal or informal attire to give the guests plenty of time to prepare their party clothes or costumes in the event your company decided to hold a masquerade anniversary ball.
  3. Get the best party venue. This next step will only materialize once your planner has an estimated figure of the expected attendees.
  4. Assign all the varied tasks among member of the committee and other employees. A well-organized event planning agency knows the various activities needed to succeed on the actual day like who will handle the production, decorations, food and beverage, entertainment and hosting. All the roles and responsibilities of each team should be given written list of what is expected from them, so they could contribute effectively.
  5. Finalize the perfect time to send all the party invitations. Your appointed event planner must prepare a deadline when all the invitations should be mailed or personally delivered to the expected guests. Make sure all the important details of the anniversary party are included in the invitation like the date, time, place, attire and contact person whom to call if the invited guest could not come.
  6. Do the necessary follow-up meetings with the party event committee. Last minute meetings and follow-up calls must be made to suppliers or caterers before the actual party date to ensure nothing is missed out. This is also the opportunity to make the needed changes or improvements.


Do you still have apprehensions that your hired event management organizer will not perform his/her role according to your preferences or set of standards? Stay calm and entrust your party needs to him/her, after all he/she underwent enough training programs to carry on this specific role effectively.