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The final outcome of your gala dinner depends from the time you compose your annual/gala dinner event management plan until to the final touches you make before the actual dinner sets in. Remember, hosting a corporate or gala dinner isn’t only intended to thank valued business partners and clients for a fruitful business with them, but it is also directed to build a new list of business acquaintances who can be potential investors or new clients after the gathering.

There are 3 main aspects that should not be left out if you want to create an effective gala event plan:

1.      Location of the gala dinner

This is a very complicated task, especially if didn’t plan ahead of time or you only have a few weeks before the actual gala dinner, finding the perfect location where you wish to hold this occasion. This aspect should not be overlooked because it is one of the major contributors for any event to become truly successful. When choosing a venue, verify first with the person who owns the place if it is still available on the preferred date and time chosen by your gala event organizer, if not, go and search another alternative place that poses greater availability. Among the other factors that you must consider are: accessibility of the location and amenities offered such as adequate parking space and clean or well-maintained restrooms.

2.      The proposed gala dinner attire

After careful selection of the gala dinner venue, next task that you must include on your draft plan is the proposed gala dinner attire, if it is formal attire or informal themed dress code. Better decide fast if the gala dinner would require guests to wear formal clothes, so that they still have plenty of time to hunt for the cheapest gowns and tuxedos. Keep in mind the dress code should be stated fully on the invitations to ensure nobody gets left out on that particular event.

3.      The source of entertainment

No one would like to dine in a big room without any source of entertainment. Again, the type of entertainment that you and your gala event planner will decide depends on the kind of guests you will invite, their age groups, personal preferences and interests. If you are still on the planning stage, why not make a survey among your potential guests on the type of entertainment or music they would like to hear, whether it is rock, jazz or mellow music. In case you don’t have enough time to do the survey, just request your entertainment organizer a complete list of songs that you feel will blend well with your guests.

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Additional event planner tips:

Aside from a good venue, appropriate dinner attire and entertainment, the other areas that you will need to do a lot of planning are the gala dinner ideas, food, equipment to be used and party games to liven up the evening and keep all your guests in their happiest moods.

Don’t take your chances without asking the professional advice of a knowledgeable annual/gala dinner event management planner. Make sure all areas concerned are covered from top to bottom in a timely manner, so that as the host of this big event, your efforts will not be wasted, but be appreciated most.