Are you on the lookout for a credible award presentation event management organizer? There are certain skills, specializations and traits that you have to consider if you want to hire a qualified event planner for your upcoming award ceremony, whether it is a small business award ceremony or a local award’s night similar to the well-known Oscar award event.

Below are some qualifications that you can use as references for your screening purposes:

  1. The award presentation application must possess excellent budgeting skills, so that you have a reliable person who can work on your award presentation proposed budget. He/she must be knowledgeable in all aspects of cost-effective planning such as having a good list of affordable suppliers who can cater to all your needs.
  2. Your prospective event organizer, whether it is intended to manage a music award presentation or annual business ceremonial awards night must have an in-depth specialization on designing a stage or drafting a graphic layout design for your upcoming visual presentation. Keep in mind, these areas involving production, logo and video play vital parts of the entire event, so it just makes sense that your applicant has relevant experiences in order to provide excellent planning services.
  3. Your potential event planner should be highly organized. He/she must project organizational skills all throughout the planning, preparation and implementing activities. You can see how he/she practice this skill when it comes to prioritizing the list of events that need prompt attention such as putting greater value first in the acquisition of an appropriate venue for the award’s celebration ceremony the soonest period of time. In fact, if your potential applicant has enough background in handling awards planning, he/she can easily create a master plan of what activities should be list as part of the main event, both in the beginning and ending of a successful award ceremonial event.
  4. Other positive traits like good communication skills, pleasing personality and ability to bring out superb event ideas are just some of the qualifying criteria that you must add on your list of selection process in order to hire the best.


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Don’t just hire the first applicant who will come to your office and claim that he/she is the rightful candidate to hold that job posting. You can use the above tips as a reference guide when you conduct your personal interviews among your applicants.

I’m sure by just looking at a potential candidate’s overall personality, the way he/she dress for the interview, how he/she speaks plus his/her stated background qualifications, you can already gauge if he/she is really worth to hold this vital role.

Remember, your credibility as the host of the night and the success of your award’s night is entirely dependent on this potential event planner, so make the most of the one-on-one interview to get all the facts that you need that will help you make the right choice—hire the most suitable award presentation planner among the many applicants.

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