A carnival or festival is extremely different to other party events because it usually consists of a large group of attendees, particularly people living in the local area or community where you wish to organize such gathering. When events like this one comes to your responsibility and you don’t have enough time to oversee all the planning and preparation stages, then, I do recommend you seek the professional expertise of a legitimate carnival/festival event organizer.

There are certain obligations attached to this event management position and it really pays off if you are aware of them, so that you can always remind your chosen event planner if he/she isn’t performing according to your expectations.

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  1. Choose the appropriate carnival/festival event theme. Evaluating the general interests, likes and dislikes of the people living in that area where you wish to host the festival project must be the top priority of your event organizer because this will help him/her decide what theme will click or tap the targeted residents.
  2. Delegate other important tasks to members of the committee or volunteers offering their time and skills. Remember, a carnival or festival show requires a lot of manpower, so take this chance to discover who among your people can become part of your team, so that the entire event management projects will be ready in due time—the expected date to run the show.
  3. Verify the local regulations and safety measures required before an event could take place in that chosen venue such as procurement of necessary permits to hold a festival show, health and safety requirements if you will open food booths and security assistance, since you will expect a huge turnout of crowd, guests and other participants coming from other areas or neighboring communities.
  4. Select an accessible location for the carnival/festival show. A qualified event planning agency can easily locate the most applicable place for such big gathering and among the top places to consider are: local parks, community school’s gym or football field and community’s church hall or open space.
  5. Secure sponsors for additional funding. Remember, big events need a lot of funding and resources. Your assigned event organizing committee must have a list of potential sponsors whom they could contact and ask for donations or pledges of support on other matters needed for your upcoming event. The kind of assistance varies and doesn’t necessarily mean cash, but these could be in forms of good deeds like offering their free time, skills and talents. For example, if your prospective sponsor is a professional speaker, he/she might be a suitable guest speaker or MC of the event.
  6. Other event activities (promoting, making follow-ups and final checking). There are still countless event activities that your event management team planner should attend to such as conducting promotional campaigns to advertise the upcoming show, making follow-up calls or emails to all expected guests artists, band players, host speakers and caterers who need to be there on the big event and final checking of all assigned responsibilities given to all concerned parties involve in the entire planning, organizing and implementing of activities to guarantee a successful event.


Final advice:

If your event planner is contacting the support of local volunteers in the area where the carnival/festival will be held make sure that these people have been informed of their expected duties or roles, so that everyone performs according to the set of standards derived by the ruling committee head.

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