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Are you still in the process of finding a suitable catering and event management organizer for your upcoming family reunion party? Of course, you don’t want your guests, relative and other members of the family be served with ordinary meals.

As the host of this memorable party event, you only want to ensure that whoever caters your food and beverage needs will surpass the distinct taste buds of your guests. I want to share with you these 3 key pointers that will determine your chosen catering and event management planner:

1.      Your available budget

How much are you willing to spend for your party meals? Budget plays a big role in your selection of a caterer who can provide you sumptuous meal ideas. Keep in mind a well-known catering services company will most likely charge a higher rate as compared to a newly opened catering business because they have gained wide expertise in the catering industry and it’s just natural for them to put greater value to the kind of catering service they could deliver to their clients. If you want to get the best deal in your area, do your research or ask referrals from friends, relatives or colleagues at work who have availed catering services. You can also perform online research by visiting websites that offer event management advice. The good thing about these online sites is they offer free consultations or free meal planning quotes with no obligations. Just make sure you decide fast and contact them ahead of time because a well-sought catering event organizer are in huge demand right now to wedding parties, corporate gatherings and high-end events, so you might end up with a newbie caterer whose meal preparation expertise is just starting to improve.

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2.      Your preferred meals to be served

Depending on your caterer’s expertise in preparing delectable and unique meals, this category will generally dictate which among your prospective caterers will win your approval. Things to remember when checking the quality of food that your prospects will prepare during pre-tasting appointments are:

  1. Observe how they conduct their food preparation activities. Keep in mind, the first thing that your guest will notice when they attend a party, whether it’s a sit-down meal or buffet is the overall presentation of their tables, banquet table and food setting.
  2. Cleanliness is also important because you don’t want to compromise the health and safety of your guests or serve them with spoiled dishes. Make sure the food catering employees observe cleanliness all throughout their food preparations and wear complete protective gear like hairnets or hand gloves during food handling.
  3. Overall taste of each meal served should only be exemplary, meaning the dishes taste delicious, inviting and at all cost maintained the highest standard of quality and freshness.


3.      The availability of your chosen catering service provider

Even though you can afford the catering services of a famous caterer in your area, other concerns will affect your final decision which catering agency to choose, their availability. Don’t forget before you even book a private consultation that you confirm with them if they could accommodate your catering and event need on that particular date and time. For weddings, it would be advisable to contact your preferred caterer at least 5 to 6 months prior the wedding date, so that you and your catering event planner team could have more time to prepare and customize your wedding needs.


Final recommendation:

What do you really want to achieve for your upcoming party event? Do you want to impress your guests with delectable meals and dishes that they could not find or eat in any ordinary restaurant or do you want to satisfy their food cravings with a fine dining world class experience.

Include all these things while preparing your meal menu and be open with your expectations when your chosen catering planner starts a catering checklist. After all you are the customer and you have every right to get the excellent catering service that your money’s worth.

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