If you have no idea what must be included in a corporate event, then, this must be your lucky day because I have here 4 major components of an effective corporate event plan. Why not sit back and relax while reading this post. It might come very useful when you are assigned to manage a corporate team bonding activity or requested to write some ideas for corporate events.

  • Theme

The theme is a very important part of any occasion, whether it is intended for team building or annual business conference for employees and top ranking executives because it will give a clear direction to the person or whoever is in-charge of the drafting of a corporate event proposal. Remember, having a specific theme for that occasion will provide some ideas on what kind of decorations to use, food to serve as well as games to play if the need arise to spice the team building.

  • Budget

One of the factors that will make any event a success is also the budget. Why? Every task involved in the planning, organizing and implementing of the corporate event checklist depends on the company’s budget for the occasion. If everyone in your team don’t have budgeting skills, it would be best to consult an event planner because he/she can help you with all the budgeting like finding the most affordable suppliers for your event or food caterers who can work out an event plan menu that is within your proposed budget.

  • Appointments

If your company decides to hire an event management organizer, all you have to do is just set appointments and discussed all the matters concerning the overall success of the upcoming event like rental fees for the venue, equipments needed to facilitate the activities, food caterers and other additional expenses that may incur during the actual preparation. Don’t forget also to take into account other minor expenses such as transportation expense or fuel expense when going back and forth to the corporate event venue. Every expense should be reported, so that the company will know if there are still within the range of the set budget or need to make some financial adjustments.

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  • Final draft of event proposal

Lastly, once you have arrived with a unified list of important things to do for the upcoming corporate event, a final draft of the event proposal should be printed and presented to the head of the committee or immediate supervisor, so that if everything is achievable, then, all members can use this proposal as guide in carrying out their assigned tasks or responsibilities.

Supervising a corporate event can be extremely tedious if you are doing it on your own. Try to delegate the different tasks to each member involved in the planning and preparation of the event, but if the tasks are too complex to handle, I think it would be appropriate to contact a reliable event planning agency and schedule a one-on-one consultation to discuss your company events planner objective.

Selection of events:

Award Presentation

Seminar Planning

Annual Gala Dinner

Grand Opening

Product Launch


Team Building


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