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We are a well established event management company in KL, Malaysia. We have been servicing our clients from individuals and companies within the Klang Valley since 2008. We offer international standards of event management and the best services and advance technology in the industry.

We assist our clients to manage different sizes of projects which include the design and development which includes festivals events, special occasion events and conferences.
We get involve learning the intricacies of our client brand, identifying the target audience, creating the event concept, planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event. We review with our client the post-event analysis and ensuring a return on investment has been achieved.

Event management is viewed by us as a strategic marketing and communication tools by our clients in all sizes. From product launches to press conferences, companies create promotional events to help them communicate with clients and potential clients. News media and other forms of electronic media are used to help promote the events to reach the masses.

Our event managers will work closely with our clients to assist to supervise the flow of the events. The various events that we handle are very diverse, like product launches, press conferences, company anniversary functions, board or group meetings, seminars, conferences, and strategic marketing programs such as road shows and grand opening events. Also we coordinate special corporate hospitality events such as concerts, award functions, marketing parties to launch new products or services, fashion shows, commercial non commercial events, and even private (personal) events such as weddings and religious functions.

Our event manager will assist you in the following areas:

• Site surveying
• Client service
• Brief clarification
• Budget drafting
• Cash flow management
• Supply chain identification
• Procurement
• Scheduling
• Site design
• Technical design
• Health & safety
• First aid services
• Environmental and ecological management
• Risk management

Our event manager also takes care of the following:

• Health & safety including crowd management
• Logistics and vehicle
• Sound & Light
• Photo &Video
• Detailed scheduling and agenda planning
• Security & Permits

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