Do you want to succeed on your exhibition and convention management responsibilities? Remember, assuming the team leader position for any upcoming exhibition or convention plans of your company isn’t an easy job to accomplish because of the many duties attached to this role aside the detailed planning that is needed to take months even before it becomes publicized. There are vital issues to consider like the place where to hold the event, guest speakers to choose and prospective sponsors to contact.   With so much responsibilities laid upon your shoulders you can’t help but wonder in the middle of your analysis, whether you can handle it on your own or would require the knowledgeable assistance of an expert who provide you solid advice on what to do.

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If this assigned role as an exhibition and convention organizer is still trying to sink into your mind, here are some do’s and don’ts that you need to remember:


  1. Make sure you and your team members are aware of their individual roles, so that there would be no overlapping of responsibilities and avoid conflict as each member tries to perform his/her assigned task. A copy of the convention checklist of things needed to be accomplished should be provided to each member, so that everyone knows exactly which among the tasks need to be carried out first or prioritized.
  2. A summary of the group’s meeting should be put into writing, so that all things discussed or commitments promised by each member are recorded for future referencing who among them is responsible for any actions made. Aside from adequate writing the group’s responsibilities, issues concerning the choice of venue, number of attendees, hotel bookings for guest speakers and other matters like food, transportation or short classes to be offered during the convention week, all these facts are necessary for the committee’s review and verification.
  3. Preparedness for any unexpected event is a must on any occasion, whether it is an exhibition or convention seminar because there are moments even how ready or well-prepared we are, there are still instances wherein something goes wrong that is totally beyond our control. When we are faced with these types of challenges, we must have a back-up plan to support any last minute changes. For example, if the number of attendees exceeded the actual hotel booking made by your committee on a short notice, this would be a big problem if you have an experienced event planner working on your side. He/she has already thought of this ahead and already prepared a list of potential accommodation or lodging houses that can accommodate a large volume of participants.



  1. Never assume that you can do all the work by yourself. Remember, handling a convention seminar requires a lot of planning, organizing and manpower to perform various roles. Imagine, an average number of attendees for an annual convention could be around 100-500 persons. Ask yourself, “Can you do it on your own?” Be more realistic or you might end up totally drained and exhausted even before the convention starts.
  2. Don’t go with all the planning without a written plan or guideline, so that you and your team will be directed all throughout the process of preparation like determining who will be in charge of the scouting of convention venues if you will hold it in one of the biggest convention centre Malaysia.
  3. Don’t go over a cheap event planner. Do your research and ask referrals to make sure you partner all your event concerns with a certified event management services company.


I do hope the above tips will help you focus more on your responsibilities. Take each task one at a time and before you know it everything is taken cared of effectively by your trusted event planner agency. Call us NOW at 012-250 5358 for a FREE consultation.