Family Day Event

Family events are true sources of fun-filled memories that make up one’s unique personality. What can you say about the family gatherings you have attended? Do they create lasting memories that you could reminisce when you grow old? If your family is assigned to hold the next family day outing, why not impress your loved ones and extended family relative with awesome family day games.

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How can you achieve this goal of hosting a well-planned family event? The secret lies to a dependable family day event organizer that you can hire and let his/her creative family event ideas and suggested family day activities come into action as the event planning starts:

  1. Make a complete list of family members and relatives who will attend the event. They could be your aunts, uncles, cousins and even grandparents. Make sure you don’t miss any member of your family tree.
  2.  Prepare a selection of possible event venues. If there are younger children in tow, thinks of an environment that will entice their imaginative minds to join the family day activities. Choose family day venue that is both conducive for relaxing, playing and resting. Don’t forget also the safety of your loved ones when finalizing a desired place for the event. Is it safe and well-maintained? See to it that the owner of the place could provide a secured setting for all your intended family activities.
  3. Create a variety of meals and other tempting dishes that will satisfy all family members’ cravings or diet needs. Check if there are family members who are prone to allergies and use this guide as reference when you plan the family meals. If you are too busy to handle this crucial task, ask a qualified event planner. He/she has a good list of reliable caterers who can accommodate your food planning and deliver excellent meals according to your instructions.
  4. List all potential games and source of entertainment. If you still have time, contact your invited families and loved ones in advance to verify which games or entertainment would appeal to them like what kind of ball games would they prefer, basketball or volleyball. How about other fun activities to keep them amuse all day such as swimming, dancing or singing? Don’t forget the children when planning the source of entertainment or the kind of games they would like to play. Choose family day games that will appeal to both genders, both men and women and appropriate to certain age groups like the kids. Make sure you keep all your guests at their happiest moment when they attend the family gathering.
  5. How do you plan to send the invitations? If you still have the chance to send them through postal delivery, then, do so to ensure all the invitations are received prior the big event. In case you don’t have enough time, just send emails to all guests you wish to invite. Always include the contact details of the family member or whoever is in-charge of the confirmation of guests who will attend to keep a record.
  6. Conduct follow-up calls or emails. Even how busy or pre-occupied you are at the moment, as the host of this family day event, conduct follow-up calls or emails to remind everyone about the time, date and venue of the family gathering.


Top advice:

Don’t make it a big issue if one of your closest relatives or love one could not come due to personal reasons. Accept their apologies and be open for any refusal. Remember, this family day outing is intended to build closer ties among each family member including the extended families.

Transform this moment into a wonderful experience and make sure everyone who came will realize after attending the event that it was really worth their precious time and energy.

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