grand opening

Do you want to create a big buzz in the market you wish to conquer as a budding entrepreneur? It’s never too late to stir your target crowd’s senses even if you already started running your business months ago, you can still launch a grand opening event and impress all your potential clients.

If you want to produce a remarkable grand opening event, seek the professional services of a reputable event organizer. Below are some of the valid reasons why a grand opening event planner plays an important role in the overall success of your grand opening event:

  1. Your event planner knows the best location to hold a company or business launch. The recommended venue will depend mostly on the type of crowd or guests who will attend. For example, if you just opened a restaurant, it is just appropriate to hold the opening ceremony at your restaurant and invite food lovers.


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  1. The hired event organizer has enough grand opening ideas on the following event concerns:
    • Perfect date and time that will allow invited guests to fully commit and attend the event.
    • Number of guests who will come.
    • Choosing the right crowd or target market that will be part of the final guest list.
    • Food and beverage to go with the grand opening event.

Design of the invitations, grand opening flyer and other promotional materials to be given prior the occasion.

  1. A dependable event management planner can cater to all your business launch entertainment needs like providing a complete list of top-performing DJs, MCs or professional speakers in your area, local artists, musicians and other forms of entertainment like magicians, juggles or impersonators of famous celebrities or icons.
  2.  Your appointed event organizer can identify the most unique grand opening gifts and giveaways that your company or business could give to all valued guests. This is your opportunity to incorporate your business logo and include your business cards on all your promotional gifts and reward them to each attendee.
  3. Your event planner could be your greatest mentor or planning adviser as you layout all your plans and objective for the upcoming grand opening event. He/she can also be your financial analyst, marketer or overall team leader as the entire preparation takes place.


Final recommendation:

Do you have a checklist of grand opening activities or concerns that you wish to solve before the big event? If you don’t have one, the following could be part of the problems needing immediate solutions:

  • Who will be invited to perform the ribbon cutting?
  • How about the parking space issues? Can you afford to hire somebody to assist guests as they parked their cars?
  • Who will handle the security measures? Do you need extra help from local authorities in order to comply with the safety requirements of the area where you will hold the grand opening?

Make sure everything goes as planned during the grand opening launch and errors or mistakes are kept at their minimum level. Be in full control and let your hire event organizer do his/her role.

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