Recognise any of them!

Recognise any of them!

Masquerade themed parties are getting popular nowadays, not only for proms, companies annual gatherings, but also during wedding events, fundraising galas and even for New Year’s welcoming party. What makes a masquerade ball a total big bash event? The answer depends on the masquerade party event planner suggestions and creativity. Do you want to know what should be included on your masquerade mask checklist? Here are 4 things that every masquerade event must have, whether it is a phantom of the opera mask theme or carnival mask party. Take time reading them and hopefully you will have plenty of masquerade party ideas.

Guest List

A guest list will help you decide where to hold the venue or choose the right size of space where you could accommodate a bigger crowd. Remember, most masquerade balls provide an open space where guests could mingle with other guests while enjoying the view, sipping their favorite cocktail drinks or taking a bite of various appetizers and finger foods. The type of guests you wish to invite will also guide you in selecting the theme for the night that will dictate the kid of masks, costumes and masquerade make-up that your guests will wear. If you are too busy to handle all the event planning activities, check online for the services of qualified event planners. There are now event planning websites that offer valuable information and online support where you can get all your party needs. offers a full range of services including invitation management, reminders by call and sms services and offer costumes rental.

Party Decorations Ideas

The type of decorations you will use will also rely mostly on your chosen theme for the night. Colors for masquerade decorations are bolder and project a certain aura of class and mystery, since everyone will be wearing customized masks. Don’t forget also the safety measures that you need to implement during the party to avoid accidents like falls or trips because the masks might prevent the guests from having clearer visions. Make sure no hanging decorations or scattered objects on the floor will obstruct your guests’ movement and seeing things around them clearer.

Food & Beverages

The success of your masquerade ball will also depend on the type of food and drinks you will serve. The ideal menu for a masquerade ball should consist mostly of finger foods, appetizers and drinks that are easy to carry as the guest move from one corner of the room to another. If you are planning a more elegant atmosphere, perhaps you could request your masquerade event planner to set a bar food on one corner where all the party food and drinks are within the reach of your guests like different kinds of cheeses, meat cuts, grapes and wine are already arranged on a table. For more casual masquerade parties, the ideal food menu covers mini pizzas, chicken wings, all sorts of chips, plus a variation of well-known beers and sodas would already complete your party food list.

Party Entertainment

Lastly, a masquerade party will never be complete without all the dancing, singing and playing of various party games like the famous casino game poker and roulette. Consider the general personalities of your guests, likes and dislikes when you finalize your lists of songs, dances and games that your event planner will arrange. I’m sure he/she has a complete collection of well-known entertainment ideas that will surely liven the night and keep your guests up on their feet throughout the party event. As the host of a masquerade party, your main role is to see that all the guests are having the best times of their lives, but don’t forget that you too need to enjoy and relax. If you want your guests to always look forward for your other parties in the future with such eagerness, plan ahead of time with the professional services of a reliable event organizer.

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