Finally, you already have a list of prospective candidates who will take the party planner position. Before you even set an appointment, better make a checklist of qualifying traits that your suitable candidate should possess. If you are in hurry and don’t have enough time to scribble these positive characteristics, better use these 3 shared traits that you should look into when conducting your personal interview.

  • Pleasing personality

First impressions, do they really count? Yes, especially if you want to work harmoniously with someone for your party planning concerns. Take into major consideration a candidate who present a positive attitude, someone who is full of energy and always present a cheerful smile. You can visibly notice this aura even during a phone conversation he/she must have a friendly tone of voice when answering any of your questions. In the event you scheduled a personal consultation, one of the things you will need to observe is how the party organizer presented himself/herself during the meeting. Ask yourself, “Is he/she well-dressed?” or perhaps, “Did he/she welcomed you with a friendly smile?” All these things matter because you will work together not only once, but many times as the entire party planning and preparation progresses.

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  • Excellent communication skills

Another vital trait that you need to consider when choosing the best party organizer, whether you are particularly looking for a beach party planner or kids party event organizer is the way he/she communicates. Most experienced party planners have already built their communications skills as years of working in this industry piled up in their profiles, both the oral and verbal aspects of communication. Remember, the overall success of your party planners checklist lies entirely on how you and your party planner communicates, ensuring that both of you have conveyed and understood your individual ideas, comments or feedback.

  • Flexible

A party planner must be flexible at all times even how domineering a client can be is some situations like requesting a complete change of the first proposal for party themes and planner games on a short notice and expecting the final draft ready within a day. He/she must be open to these changes and revisions no matter how difficult the entire process could be. Besides, the main goal of every professional event management organizer is to establish customer satisfaction.

Top advice:

If you are on the lookout for a perfect party planner who will work for your party needs, then, perform online research or ask referrals from friends, relative or even colleagues at work who have used these partying services.

Keep in mind, hosting a party need not be a stressful journey if you can find a qualified person who has the expertise, tools and vision to make your party truly a success. Focus which among the above traits does your potential candidate possess and if all of them are present, then, don’t wait too long, talk to him/her and make sure your ideas are noted, so the final party layout is according to your preferences.

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