One of the marketing strategies of companies and businesses do when they launch a new product line or service package is organize a roadshow event. If your company has already partnered its roadshow event planning needs to a reputable roadshow event organizer, then, conducting one isn’t as complicated as you imagine it to be.

But, if you are a small business enterprise and this is your first tome to organize a roadshow, then, these following tips on how to conduct a successful roadshow will come very useful as you layout your roadshow ideas and create a complete roadshow checklist of important things to do.

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  1. Determine the type of transport vehicles your company will need for the upcoming roadshow. Most roadshows are held from one area to another, so it would be wise to choose a wide range of available transportation that your company should consider such as mini-vans, shuttle buses for your team who will work directly on the roadshow event, plus bigger buses or trucks to accommodate all your marketing materials, roadshow booths and other equipment necessary in running a roadshow.
  2. Create a map of your possible route. This part is very crucial, especially if you are new to that prospective venue and don’t want to waste time while travelling on the road from one location to another. Remember, most roadshows are intended to cover as many places as the time permits and gain wider coverage, so it will be very hard if your roadshow convoy get lost. A lot of research should be supervised by a knowledgeable team in making a map of the potential routes that will bring you closer to your final destination at the least period of time, giving you and your roadshow team plenty of time to prepare your booths and marketing materials.
  3. Other roadshow requirements should be accounted by your event organizer, so that no problems will occur during the preparation and execution stage. Keep in mind, your roadshow event will cover a location and there are certain rules and regulations that you need to comply or secure before you can be given permission to hold such event like acquisition of permits for that particular place, license to hold a big gathering, either you get a written permit or approval from the local authorities or officer- in-charge of these kinds of events.
  4. Source of advertisement. This concern plays a vital role to the overall success of a roadshow event. Your choice of promotional strategies will depend on your marketing budget and the suggestions given by your hired event planner on how you will advertise your roadshow event in that particular location. Ask yourself, “Do you have contacts of local media or local press people who can cover your event for a reasonable price?” Attend to this task the soonest possible time because the number of clients who will attend your roadshow event will rely on how well-informed they are about this upcoming event.


Additional tips and warning:

Schedule a private appointment with your prospective event management planner and make a checklist of event ideas you wish to cover on your upcoming event. Keep in mind, there are certain issues you and your event organizer must have a unified solution, so that there will be no conflict of interests as both of you resume to the planning, organizing and execution stage. Check if your preferred date and time will not fall on public holidays or other functions, so that you can be assured that all your expected guests and participants will attend your upcoming roadshow event. Lastly, assess your overall capability if you have the financial resources, manpower and support to host such business gathering. Don’t just proceed with this goal without a solid and workable event plan.

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