One of the common events that large firms, businesses and organizations hold each year is a seminar or business conference. Adequate planning is required for these types of events to succeed and it is vital that a detailed seminar event management checklist is made before the organizers conduct their meetings.

For those individuals interested in learning how to create a content layout of a seminar event checklist, here are some helpful guidelines:

  • The objective of the seminar or conference

There are many areas needed to be discussed prior the confirmation of the event, whether it will materialize at the desired date such as:

  1. Who are the target audience or participants?
  2. Theme of the event (seminar/conference)
  3. Place or location to hold the event
  4. Other vital information about the seminar like agenda


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  • The event specifications guide

Nowadays, creating a complete list of event specifications isn’t complicated because there are free downloadable tools online that can be used to make any planning a lot easier. In most cases, your event planner will use this guide as a tracking tool to ensure every details of the event are covered and nothing is overlooked;

  1. Profile of the event (includes date, time, place, contacts, etc.)
  2. Organizer of the event (contact information of the host or organizer)
  3. Suppliers information details
  4. Profile of the attendees
  5. Profile of the guest speaker as well as his/her itinerary
  6. Other concerns (facilities needed for the event such as A/V equipment/function room setting)


  • Proposed event profile

Once, your event management organizer has produced a specific guide for the event, the next task is the creation of an event profile. Here, all questions, issues or suggestions will be discussed, researched and verified until a final detailed outline of the upcoming seminar is generated.

  • Development of the seminar event agenda outline

Whatever decisions agreed during the meetings of the event organizers, host and other people involved in the entire planning, a final outline of the event agenda should already be drafted at this stage, so that a clear set of instructions will be given to all parties who will help in implementing the appropriate actions. If there are any changes needed, the entire process is already manageable because all concerned parties have already shared their own personal views and come up with a unified decision.

Final recommendation:

The success of a seminar or business conference is not only measured on how the entire event was presented on that actual day, but is also gauged on how the listed guidelines were done according to the sets of standards and requirements agreed during the organizer’s meetings.

Mistakes do happen, but can be kept at minimal percentage and at all cost be less noticeable to the eyes of your attendees. Updating your company’s present standards and policies on how each seminar should look like each year should be among your priority list of improvements, so that you can achieve this target with lesser chances of errors.

Remember, one of the key assets of any successful business, firm or organization isn’t only dependent on how effective your company is in implementing the marketing strategies, but lies as well on how productive your employees in performing their individual roles and responsibilities.

A great way to prepare them to become better contributors for your company is by giving out seminars geared towards their personal and skills development. Why not start now and consult a credible event planner to help you create an event plan.

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