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Among the events that demand critical planning and preparation is a sport car show. Why? First of all, this kind of event isn’t only concerned about finding an ideal venue or hiring a reliable sport car event management planner. Remember, the main feature of this show deals mostly with high-end cars that you don’t happen to see every day on the streets. They are usually customized and expensive that you only see in movies like “Fast and The Furious” or “Need for Speed”.

The whole preparation for these sports cars would run for months before their owners, car enthusiasts and promoters can show them to the public. So, if you want to succeed on your plans of hosting a sport car event, better have a look on what a sport car event planner could do for you.


Help you choose a perfect date to run the show

You might think the date doesn’t play a vital factor in any car show, but on the contrary it really does affect the overall impact of the show as well as the car fans who wish to attend. Keep in mind it will take months before an old sports car be restored and made available for a car show. Imagine if you have given your car promoters and car lovers only few weeks to prepare and join the event, the final outcome might not be as satisfying and not as impressive as your car enthusiasts believed.

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Give you an effective marketing plan

Your hired event organizer will give you a marketing plan where you can strategically advertise your upcoming car show. The entire success of the show depends as well on your marketing plan and how efficient you are in executing the right promotional moves. Your event management organizer could assist you and your team in coming up with a solid tactic that may include giving out flyers. What should a flyer have? Here are the usual data found in a well-prepared flyer:

  • Name of the event and car show host
  • Date, time and location
  • Type of event (specify clearly whether it is a sport car, antique cars or classic cars show, imported cars, etc.)
  • Other car matters (registration fees for all interested participants who wish to join the contest)
  • Prizes and car mechanics together the details of judges
  • List of car sponsors and vendors (include contact details)
  • Any disclaimers

Other forms of marketing are also combined to create a buzz among the car fanatics online through email marketing, social media and other networking platforms.


Prepare your participant’s registration

A qualified car event organizer will suggest an early pre-registration, so that you can already have an estimated number of participants that will require enough space to showcase their cars. The display venue should at least be huge enough to accommodate all participants together with their cars, models and avid fans.


Set your entertainment plan

Even a well-organized car show needs some form of entertainment like a professional MC or guest speaker, music and raffles. For those with bigger funds or sponsors, they end up hiring well-known local bands or dance group to amuse the audience.


Determine judges and prizes

The advantage of having an expert car show event planner becomes evident when it comes to choosing the judges and prizes. Keep in mind, most of the crowd and participants are knowledgeable in areas concerning cars, so it would be just fair to invite judges with proven good track of records in providing honest and unbiased judgment based on car’s quality and built. As for prizes, certain rules of judging criteria are made public, so that all participants and audience will have an idea on how the winners were judged. Prizes may come in the form of cash, gift cards and trophies.


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