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Nowadays, more and more companies see the importance of teambuilding and invest in teambuilding activities like sports to increase the camaraderie and harmonious relationship among their employees. Most teambuilding are done annually and if you want your company to have continuous supply of exciting outdoor sports ideas, the professional advice of a sporting event management organizer is a must.

The main role of a sport event organizer is to create a sports event checklist of fun-filled sports that will keep the high spirits of everyone asked to attend the said event. Here are the common outdoor sports activities that a reliable event organizer would suggest that are widely used in various corporate teambuilding programs, whether it is intended for a sports event Malaysia or anywhere around the globe.

  • Beach sports event

The beach is a good venue to conduct a teambuilding sports day. Aside from the wonderful scenery that anyone could enjoy at a beach venue, there are numerous sports that can be held here like beach volleyball, water relay and other water sports that will offer fun and excitement. These beach sports event activities are efficient in motivating each group to put their best efforts to win each game and build their confidence level.

  • Overnight camping event

For your employees who love to be with nature, an overnight camping event is another source of sport activity wherein if encourages unity among assigned groups as they work effectively as a team. The list of activities that an overnight camping event could offer are: hiking, building a tent, making bonfire and fishing where the skills, strengths and focus of each team are tested while at the same time ensuring the safety measures are observed by each member of the team. The employees are given the opportunity to discover their own strengths and weaknesses as they face another side of the environment which is quite far from what they have been accustomed in their workstations.

  • Triathlon event

Another interesting sports activity idea that most experienced sport event organizers are well-known of managing successfully is a triathlon event. This type of sports activity is a unique way to test an employee’s capability to perform outside the corporate setting. Most triathlon events consist of three high-impact sports such as marathon or running, swimming and biking. The target of this sports event is to boost the morale of each member of the group and develop a well-balanced personality. Remember, every company is expected to do something good to the community and it can be done by providing their employees the chance to improve their lifestyles in a healthy manner—hosting a sports event.

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Hosting a sports event for a huge number of employees with different personalities could be a challenging task, especially if you aren’t a sports-minded individual. Consulting a sports event organizer is the wisest move you could undertake if you want your employees to experience a different side of your company’s vision and that is engaging them to an active sport.

Now is the right time to level up your employee’s confidence and trust by giving them an outdoor activity that will truly awake their senses to perform effectively and work together as one team.

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