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Are you planning to schedule a team building event for your employees, both the top-ranking and rank-and-file members? Remember, the needs of your employees differ from one person to another or from one department to another. If you are just starting a draft for your team building event management plan, use these 4 vital parts as your guideline and hopefully by the time you finish the final draft, you already have a prospective event organizer who can work with you.

1.      Targeted goals of your team building event

What is your company’s vision when it comes to team building? Is it ventured to increase the team spirit among each group or intended to build a closer relationship among your employees to work as one group towards one goal – harmonious working relationship based on trust. There are other reasons why small, medium-sized or large scale business and companies hold team building events. Here are some of their valid reasons:

  • Provide another form of recreational activity to their employees, either indoor games or outdoor sports.
  • An alternative training strategy to improve an employee’s skills or a department’s performance through unique team building activities other than seminars or conferences.
  • To foster a happy working environment outside their assigned workstations or offices.
  • To give each employee the chance to relax, unwind and maintain a well-balanced personality through annual team building planner activities.

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2.      Background profile of each attendee

This part is very crucial before your company creates a team building event determine the background personalities of the attendees you wish to be part of your team building campaigns. There are various elements that you need to consider before you can come up with an ideal team building activity proposal for your employees such as:

  • Age, gender and educational profile of your attendees.
  • Overall physical and health conditions of the attendees because some team sports activities require endurance and strength.
  • Food preferences of the potential attendees because some employees who are vegetarians would prefer only fruits and vegetables on their menu while other employees due to their races, religions or personal beliefs would prefer Halal food products.

The above elements will help you make the appropriate team building activities and get the desirable outcome afterwards like a closer relationship with each employee or department or more relaxed and happier employees because you have shown them that you really put greater importance to their health and wellness state.

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